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Our Patients: In Their Own Words


The results we provide for our patients can be literally life-changing.  Our patients frequently refer friends and family members because they trust us to care for their loved ones.  Dr. Johnson and Dr. Nottage are the corneal surgeons of choice for many fellow doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, professional athletes, and many, many patients just like you; discriminating patients who only put their trust in the best.


Privacy Policy    We value our patients' privacy and fully respect their decision (or their employer's decision, particularly in the case of professional athletes) to keep their vision care experience private.  However, many of our patients are so enthusiastically satisfied with their outcomes they don't hesitate to provide favorable comments; some of which are posted below.




Todd Dunwoody - Major League Baseball Player


When I sat up after having laser vision correction all I could say was "Wow", and I'm still saying it! Baseball has always been my passion and having perfect vision is an essential part of the game. My advice to anyone who wears glasses or contacts is to visit Midwest Cornea to find out if you are a candidate. This procedure can really change your life.



Jane Smith


A verbal thank you didn't seem enough for the miracle of perfect eyesight that you gave me.  I so much appreciate not only the final outcome, but the time you were willing to take to make sure my eyes were ready before going ahead.  I have to think that most LASIK programs out there would not have been so careful.


I really feel like a new person - my bad eyesight has been a defining trait for me forever, and the freedom and comfort I have now are really miraculous.  Thank you! 



Kathy Wukmer


I literally cried tears of joy for a week after my LASIK surgery! I have never seen colors so well. This whole new world is amazing to me. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thrilled and amazed at my LASIK results! I have told all my friends about this wonderful experience.  



Libby Armstrong - Dispatcher


I really appreciate Dr. Johnson's patience and insistence that I wait until my eyes were fully healed from years of contact lens overuse: that told me a lot about Dr. Johnson's integrity and the genuine care he has for his patients. Also, his office support staff does an excellent job!



Jimmy Parent - Police Officer


I am absolutely amazed at how many stars I can see at night! Going on vacation to the mountains or to the ocean has never been more enjoyable. Being able to see clearly without the hassle of contacts has truly made a wonderful difference in the quality of my life!



Kimberly Thompson - Legal Assistant


One of the things I appreciate doing after my laser surgery is wearing fashionable sunglasses. I have purchased several pairs! I also appreciate being able to sit on my couch and see the clock on my DVR. Exercising is also much easier without my glasses slipping down my nose. But what I most appreciate is the care I received from Dr. Deitch and the Midwest Cornea staff. They helped to calm my fears about the procedure and were there for me after the procedure as well!



Darrel Patton - Business Owner


I have hated glasses since I was ten years old. And now, after a procedure that seemed only to take seconds, I have thrown them away! I am thrilled with my vision and have had none of the side effects that the media reports. I was so happy with my experience at Midwest Cornea that I also paid for my daughter to have the procedure. Her goal was to have her dad walk her down the aisle this summer without either one of us wearing glasses and that goal has been met!



Jennifer Christian - Dietary Aide/Homemaker


I couldn't have been more pleased with the quality of care and the outcome of my procedure. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. They made me feel quite comfortable and a little less nervous.   


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