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Our LASIK Technology//


WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser 


Our Lasik surgeons tailor each LASIK procedure to meet the unique needs of each patient. The WaveLight Allegretto Wave Laser offers a custom LASIK solution for patients offering multiple custom treatment options and the widest approved range for wavefront-based treatment. WaveLight LASIK treats a greater degree of myopia and more than double the range of hyperopia.


WaveLight LASIK optimizes laser vision correction. The WaveLight EX500 Excimer is a high speed laser with reliable eye-tracking and state-of-the art technology providing patients with safety, reliability, and exceptional results.


The eye-tracking technology used by the WaveLight EX500 laser charts the movement of the eye at 1050 times a second. This is among the fastest types of tracking performed by excimer lasers today. This allows the beam to know exactly where your eye is at all times. The eye may move quickly and possibly out of range of the beam, but the beam will wait for the eye to return to the proper position so that it can continue tracking.


Wavefront Optimized® LASIK considers the unique curvature of the eye, preserving quality of vision and addressing spherical distortions that may induce glare and affect night vision, resulting in greater patient satisfaction. 



Zeimer FEMTO LDV Laser


This laser has highest repetition rate of any femtosecond laser, over-lapping spots,very low pulse energy, and ultra small, precise spots. Consequently, the LASIK flaps created with the FEMTO LDV have no tissue bridges and thus are easy to open. The low energy produces minimal wound healing reactions and no damage to cells.


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