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Financial Responsiblity  //


Insurance and Co-Pays: 


Please bring your insurance card(s) to your appointment. Prior to your visit our office will call your insurance company to determine your deductible and co-pay.  Co-pays, if any, will be collected prior to your appointment. 


If you have a single insurance plan and your deductible has not been met for the year, we will collect any remaining deductible at the time of your visit as well.  This does not apply to patients with 2 or more insurance plans.  If we are not a participating provider with your insurance plan, you will be asked to pay for services provided in full at the time of your visit.  


If you are not covered by any insurance plan, we ask that you please discuss your situation with our billing department so that we may make financial arrangements prior to your visit or surgical procedure.  The billing office can be reached at 317-817-1762, Monday through Friday.


Please note that upon completion of patient care or when you are released from our care, any balance owed on your account at that time is due and payable in full and will be collected before leaving regardless of prior payment arrangements.



Payment for Elective Procedures

Most insurance policies do not cover refractive procedures, LASIK, or Clear Lens Extraction. For this reason, many of our patients elect to use their Medical Flex-Spending Account or Care Credit to pay for their procedure.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check or cash.


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