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Patient Care Philosophy //



Midwest Cornea patients receive personalized attention from our expert surgeon and staff who are ethically accountable and personally motivated to provide the very best care and surgical results possible.   Every decision we make for our practice -  including our staffing choices, our facility design, the instruments we use, and the systems we select -  is guided by our goal to improve quality of care and your experience.  Our focus on patient care ensures the very best results for you.



Personalized Attention


Patients are treated to individual care and attention.  Dr. Nottage favors a conservative, personal approach to patient care.  Patients receive a complete evaluation by their doctor prior to surgery and our doctor is available to their patient 24/7, post-operatively, should a concern arise.



Uncommon Expertise


Corneal transplants, complex cataract surgery, IOL implants, LASIK and other refractive procedures are surgeries of the cornea.  Dr. Nottage is a board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained corneal subspecialist with extensive training and expertise in corneal and refractive surgery.  Only a small percentage of surgeons are fellowship-trained corneal subspecialists, and even fewer rival the experience of Dr. Nottage.



Trusted by Peers


Our surgeon is recognized by their peers as a leader in the corneal, external ocular disease and refractive surgery specialty.  She has received thousands of referrals from other ophthalmologists and is honored to be entrusted with the care of each referred patient.  Additionally, she is frequently consulted by colleagues who are faced with challenging corneal or refractive surgical procedures. 



Trusted by Patients 


Our patients are enthusiastically satisfied with their vision care surgery and management and don’t hesitate to provide favorable comments on our satisfaction surveys.  Our patients frequently refer friends and family members because they trust us to care for their loved ones.  Dr. Nottage is the surgeons of choice for many fellow doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, professional athletes, and many, many patients just like you; discriminating patients who only put their trust in the best. 

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